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When are the Check-in Parties?  Where can I get my swag bag?

See link for Swag party locations

Where can I find parking?

See Parking link

Can I bring coolers with food and drinks?

Yes, you can bring a cooler with food and non-alcoholic drinks. 

No outside liquor is permitted within the VIP beach

Can I decorate my cabana?

YES!!  Strongly encourage you to decorate your cabana.   Please remember, whatever you bring to the must take it with you.  Don't leave your trash.  (that includes your tipsy friends!!)

Do I need to bring my own inflatable float?

All Ticket holders will be giving an inflatable Flamingo float- courtesy of Visit Lauderdale.

It will be inflated and waiting for you in the FlockFest Birdcage

If I bring my own float, how can I inflate it?

We have a giant Air compressor that can handle your needs.  Little donation to charity and you have access to air

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